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  • Weekly Cleaning Service
  • Concrete Pool Resurface (Re Marcite & Re Tile)
  • Drain and Acid Washing
  • Salt Water System Installations

Paragon Pools Jacksonville’s premier pool cleaning service and resurfacing specialist.

From traditional backyard pools to upscale poolside settings, we specialize in all aspects of service, maintenance, renovation, and repair. Our trained technicians will take care of your pool efficiently and professionally. 

Weekly Cleaning

Professional Chemical and cleaning services at affordable pricing. No obligation, Month to Month Agreements.

When will your technicians arrive?

We will schedule your services on the same day every
week, so there’s no guessing when your pool will be cleaned.

Are chemicals included in your price?

Yes, we provide the chemicals to keep your pool
balanced at no extra cost.

How will I know if my pool is serviced while out of town?

You will receive email confirmations after every service visit including a photo of your pool.

Concrete Pool Resurfacing

Leave re-marciting & re-tiling to the professionals! From start to finish, our highly experienced staff will make the process easy and enjoyable.

Signs that your pool may need to be resurfaced

Pitting and Roughness, Excessive Staining, and Delamination; All of these signs indicate that it’s time to resurface your pool.

How long will resurfacing take?

Typically the renovation process should only take 2-4 weeks from start to finish.

Increase the longevity of your pool and property value

Resurfacing your pool will significantly increase your investment and value.

Drain & Acid Wash

The acid washing process gives your pool a clean, fresh new look, and clear sparkling water.

Removes Algae and Phosphates

Acid washing your pool removes any algae or phosphates that are not otherwise removed with chemicals.

Green to Clean Packages

Draining may not be necessary. Contact us for a free estimate and consultation.

Do Not Drain Your Pool Without Knowing The Risks

When there’s water in the soil, draining your pool can essentially turn it into a boat, dislodging from its place in the ground. This so called “pool pop” can ruin both the pool and the deck.  Paragon Pools is Licensed, Insured, and has the experience needed to safely prevent this from happening. Do not drain your pool without the help from a professional.

Salt Water System Installation

Installing a salt system is one of the single best upgrades available in the pool industry.

Saltwater pools are gentler on your skin and clothing

Saltwater pools are more gentle on the skin, eyes, swimwear, and hair due to the lower chlorine content. They also don’t have the traditional heavy chemical smell that many people dislike about chlorine pools.

Are salt water pools safe?

In some ways, saltwater pools are even safer than chlorinated pools. Saltwater pools do not produce chloramines, a chemical commonly found in traditional pools that can irritate the skin and eyes.

No more chlorine fluctuations

Because the salt water chlorinator generates chlorine at low levels every day. Your pool will hold a steady, safe amount of chlorine to keep your pool sanitized. No more shocking the pool and adding tablets!

Client Testimonials

Casey and his team came out and replaced my 18 year old marcite which was in poor condition. Paragon Pools kept all of their appointments, delivered as promised and offered a great price. The team was totally professional and did a superb job. I would hire them back in an instant.

N. Williams

After another company let my pool get algae infested, I called Paragon based on the good reviews. I’m so glad I did! They performed an acid wash and the pool looks almost brand new again. They come weekly and it cost less than the previous company I used. I would definitely recommend Paragon Pools without hesitation.

C. Sterns

They keep my pool in great shape and recently installed a variable speed pump which is more efficient than my old single speed pump. Very happy with the service. Casey and his team are on the ball!

J. Wright

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install new pools?

No. We are a licensed pool contractor, but we only service and refinish existing pools.

Who would you recommend for installing new pools?

You may contact Paragon Fiberglass Pools  ParagonPoolsOnline.com

Do you offer Military discounts?

Paragon Pools proudly supports our military. Active duty and Veterans will receive 5% off with id. Discount not to exceed $500.

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